Window suncatchers

Stained-glass suncatchers

Make outline out of black paper- card-stock works best (see PDF below of stencils I made)

Glue on tissue paper for the "stained glass"

To make weather-proof, laminate or cover with clear packing tape

Glue-based suncatchers

Mix glue and leftover glitter into a pringles lid mold, let it dry (two days!) and details n to make sun-catchers to hang on the outside of the window.

Materials: pringles lid (mold), bottle cut to size (to keep glue inside as younger child mixes glue-glitter mixture)

Mix glue and glitter (or alternatively use food colouring to make coloured glue)

Let dry until glue is clear (took two days in UK weather). Peel out of lid, punch hole in top for hanging. Decorate further with paints or beads, etc...