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       PHDtv 2 Minute Thesis Contest
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I also competed in the Macquarie University Finals "Three-Minute thesis" competition, on Thursday 20th September, 2012.  I placed second, while Tom Meany (Physics) placed first.

Past Naturalist Programs

I enjoy communicating science to people. In the past (Canada, Hawaii) I have worked as a naturalist, science outreach officer, and a volunteer docent.
 I have designed and ran programmes for general audiences and school groups.

Me in 1998 while working at the Richmond Nature Park (yeah, been at this a LONG time)

This page is for me to post some of the programmes that I have designed. Please use this material as ideas to develop your own materials. These programs are in no way meant to be directly applied in the class room or to meet any specific curriculum guidelines.This are only examples of my past activities. Thanks.

Nature Camp Day 1, Discovering the Forest: Ages 6-12, Ran for Science Outreach Athabasca (2004)
Nature Camp Day 2, Birds and Mammals: Ages 6-12: Ran for Science Outreach Athabasca (2004)

Keep checking back...I'll keep adding more programs that I have designed
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