C-Wild Warrington

Cooperation - Cognition - Communication - Conservation - Climate Change

C-Wild Warrington Lab

Research in the C-Wild Warrington Lab aims to investigate social evolution and how social behaviors and group living allow animals to cope with environmental change, including the impacts of climate change.  We use field-based mensurative and manipulative experiments with laboratory approaches (e.g. genetics),  including employing novel datalogging technology to gain information about how animals behave in a variety of ecological conditions.

We share our research efforts with C-Wild Griesser, being part of the C-Wild Connect initiative.

Model systems include Siberian jays (Boreal Forests, Swedish Lapland), and South African ground squirrels (collaboration with Prof. Jane Waterman, University of Manitoba, Canada).

Research Themes

Image: Michael Griesser

Image: Miya Warrington

Image: Screenshot of a media article by Audubon covering my collaborator's and my lab's research 

Conservation: Resource Management 

Image: Miya Warrington

Image: Jane Waterman