C-Wild Research

C-Wild Connect Initiative

Mission statement: Our mission is to create lasting and effective positive change for the natural world, protecting nature for all current and future inhabitants, humans and non-humans alike. We seek to accomplish this by creating new understanding and knowledge of the natural world, through ethical, carefully planned and collaborative investigation of the ecosystems surrounding the field station. We are committed to fostering a human connection to the land, by acknowledging the historical and current human relationships to the land.

Who we are: We are a growing group of researchers who strive to use knowledge created by our research to solve global challenges facing wildlife. Challenges include impacts from human activities, climate change and biodiversity loss.

What's with the C's?: The big unifying theme of this group is COOPERATION. Not just studying cooperation in animals, but cooperation among humans. Cooperation among partner labs and researchers is key to contributing towards solving the global challenges we are faced today, and also aligns with our fascination with the role social behaviours play in the evolution of life and the coping strategies used by animals to adapt to rapid environmental change brought upon by humans. We also want to contribute towards CONSERVATION initiatives and CLIMATE action. We also realize the role that COGNITION plays in adaptation, as well as COMMUNICATION between individuals (animals and humans alike). We could even add in COMMUNITY approaches  (ecosystem communities), or the role that human COMMUNITY-led science plays in mitigating human-induced impacts on wildlife. 

Partner Labs