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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

Our lab values equity, diversity and inclusion. We strive to maintain a positive atmosphere in our group and are committed to ensuring our own and each other’s professional development where we support each other. Fieldwork is an important component of ecology, animal behaviour and conservation work, and relies on the dedication, skills and resources of a team of people.

The following five principles guide our team:

1) Nature is precious, and essential to human-kind. We seek to understand nature and protect it. Working in the field in nature is a privilege! 

2) We work on land that may not belong to us. We respect the rights and culture of the traditional land owners. 

3) We are a team. Each team member brings their own skills and perspectives, and together we are stronger than the sum of our parts. We endeavour to combine our individual efforts such that common goals (e.g., ecological datasets) are achieved through mutual cooperation.

4) We are unique individuals who bring our own distinct strengths and interests to our team. We support all team members to develop skills that are relevant to their own personal career goals and trajectories.

5) We work in the spirit of inclusion. Individual uniqueness is a strength, but may also create diverse needs. All team members have the right to their safety and well-being and we seek to remove barriers to success.

Images: Miya Warrington; Both PIs are academic parents. We strive to build a strong, supportive environment, considering all team members needs, strengths and and career goals.

Join Us

If you are interested in joining our team, we have many different types of opportunities suitable for different career stages (e.g., undergraduate, graduate) , and career goals/ field of study  (e.g. scientific research, conservation management, science communication) . We are regularly looking for field volunteers to join our work. Contact the project PIs if you are interested.