Canadian grasslands

Media attention for: Warrington, M. H., Curry, C. M., Antze, B. & Koper, N. 2018. Noise from four types of extractive energy infrastructure affects song features of Savannah Sparrows. The Condor, 120, 1-15.

Following publication of our peer-reviewed article, our team produced:

 U of M press release and story highlighted on UM Today’s main page, written by M.Warrington, N. Koper and S. Moore.

“The Conversation” article written by Miya Warrington, highlighting the research

Here are a few fun links:

New York times--       Near Noisy Oil Fields, Lovesick Birds Change Their Tunes:

CBC Radio Canada Moncton Friday birding show with Alain Clavette Edmonton (M. Warrington)- Feb 9th, 2018